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HELL IS A NEVER-ENDING, eternal, everlasting death.  It is rage, fury, torment, agony, suffering, and wrath all accompanied with sobbing, wailing, howling, and screams for forgiveness that will NEVER be heard.

Hell is the ultimate revenge of a God who has absolutely no qualifying factors on the pain and suffering He can put upon one soul.  The most wretched soul in hell, and there is one, who ignited Godís hottest wrath and drew the highest level of endless suffering and all of hellís citizenry knows he received a just judgment - for it could have been hotter.

Sinners who perish in this worldís darkest dungeons awake in hell shouting to be returned to their excruciating earthly death tables for a momentís relief. One would not want to spend even a moment in hell but if the duration was merely 1,000 years or worse yet 10,000 years, or even worse yet 100,000 years or even far worse yet 1,000,000 years - sin would not be the awesome threat that it is, to us, today - Godís meager creatures.

Hebrews 10:31, It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.