The Man
Proverb 16:25
There is a way that seemeth right unto man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death.

As you struggle and toil upon this earthís soil
to conquer all your dreams and cares.
When allís said and done and your goals are won,
will you have pleased  __ The Man Upstairs?

The thinking of each peer or those you hold dear
means little and hardly compares
to the thoughts of just One, if Him, you did shun.
Iím speaking of __ The Man Upstairs.

When this world you leave, you may truly believe
what mattered was stocks and shares.
But keep this in mind, itís judgment youíll find
and the Judge is __ The Man Upstairs.

If thru life your goal was to please just one soul
and you find itís your pants this soul wears.
Beware of the day when youíll have to pay
a big price to __ The Man Upstairs.

Success often passes a narrow path missed by masses.
And great thinkers awake to awesome glares
as their life on earth is judged for its worth
by none other than __ The Man Upstairs.

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